Insurance claims can be confusing. We will make this process smooth and easy for you. Just drop off your car and we can work with your insurance provider and we’ll handle the rest. If you’ve already filed a claim, you can give us your claim number and your adjuster’s contact information, and we will complete the process.

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There are many reasons why clients prefer to pay for repairs yourself. Some of them aren’t sure whether to go through the insurance process for fear of raising their premiums. If you need assistance on determining whether you should go through insurance, bring your car in for an estimate and we will advise you on the best way to proceed.

If you decide to pay for the repairs yourself, we can help by working with you to try to save you money. Our staff takes extra time and has the resources to find and locate alternative, high-quality, lower-priced parts to save you money while providing high quality repairs. Most shops will not shop around for alternative parts, but we will take that extra step to complete the repairs within your budget.