Gregory I
Lafayette, CA

A drive down Bryant st would have you thinking this is just another auto-body shop on a strip-mall of shops, but don’t be deceived by the looks. This shop is home to some quality workmanship, great customer service, and honest pricing.

What I recommend:
Baylon and his crew specialize in auto body repairs. If you need a fixer-upper post accident, break-in, or car-trauma, I highly recommend this. Additionally, he shares a spot with Kevin and Brannan auto experts who did thoughtful work on my 91′ miata and really make this garage my 1-stop shop for car needs.

Bottom line:
If you’re really looking for someone to treat your car like they are your good friend, look no further. It’s rare that you find an automotive person who is actually trying to look out for your best interests (price, work product, and logistics), similar to what you would expect of a good friend.

Reina A.
Oakland, CA

Amazing service and deal! I have a 2014 Kia Sorento SX. It got hit while it was parked, the other driver was probably trying to get out the parking spot. It left a dent/gash to my passenger door. I found auto body garage via yelp and looked into the great review. I went to a few other body shops near home and this place have me the best deal! They gave me a deal since im paying out of pocket, and gave me a quote that saved me $100 on my total expense for the repair and car rental (they have a deal with the nearby enterprise). The work was impeccable, you wouldn’t be able to tell my car was just repaired, it still looks brand new. The customer service is amazing! I highly recommend getting your service here!

Alex R.
San Francisco, CA

I don’t think I’ve written a review on Yelp! in well over a year if not more, but I can’t let this gem slip by or let this shop go unnoticed.

A little back story. I have seen numerous horrible things happen to friends’ cars here in the past 2.5 years, but I was always lucky enough to fly under a thief’s radar. Well not this time, I realized my car door was not locking, but too late. My car got broken into TWICE in a span of 72 hours. In a panic, I called a few auto body shops at the earliest time I could see some opened (7:30 AM). All of these shops on the phone either told me, bring it in and then i’ll give you an estimate or gave me a number for it’s repair higher than what seemed appropriate from my research.

The the fourth call I made was to Baylen. And I can’t tell you how much my gratitude extends to this man. I called initially because I saw all the glowing reviews of women, who like me, have been duped in the automotive world at least once. Nothing but professionalism and kindness could be found here. Not only did Baylen listen to my concerns, he gave me full disclosure of what he thought the cause was, how much it would cost, and told me to come on in that morning. When I brought it in, he did a thorough check with me and sent me on my way.

Well I just picked up the car, and to me relief, not only was my car back to full functionality, BUT Baylen found a way to prevent theft in the future if my car ever malfunctions again with a manual lock that no car manual, or online FAQ could tell me about. The price of the repair was completely reasonable, he was accommodating, professional, and really just seemed like he wanted to help me in a time that was totally flustered and upset about everything that was stolen.

Baylen, thank you for your diligence and restoring my peace of mind. You have my business and my referrals to any auto body work in the future.

I think the most important aspect of my experience was the customer service representative made me feel relaxed and assured that I was going to be treated well. Then they delivered with relaxed and trust-worthy repair.

I recommend this auto body shop.

Ben M.
San Francisco, CA

He’s got the right price.He does great work.

He’s honest, up front and respectful.

The shops in a great location, at least for me.

No one wants to go to a body shop. This place makes it all okay. Your not going to find a shiny office and a clean polished garage. I honestly don’t trust a mechanic that keeps a spotless garage.

I’ve had my BMW at this shop twice. Both times he came in under the other other body shops estimates and got the job done faster than the other shops said they would.

If I tried to think of something negative to say about Baylen and the business he’s running I’d come up short. He took longer to get this last job i had done but he was upfront about it. He let me know what was going on and how much more time he needed. He handled it professionally and that’s all that really matters.

All that matters except for all the other great stuff I already said.

Fair price
Quality work

Thanks Baylen!

San Francisco, CA

Christy C.
San Francisco, CA

This body shop is top-notch! I really love their work ethic and the quality of their body work. I own an out-of-production sports car that I cherish. Unfortunately for me, I’ve had a couple of reasons to have Baylon doctor it up. Since he used to own the same car (not this actual one, but the same make and model), he is very familiar with it and treats it as his own. Baylon goes above and beyond, too, without ever asking for extra compensation. Most recently, I had him buy some exhaust tips for my car. He gave them to me at his cost and wasn’t going to charge me for the installation. But he stored my car and even washed it! I told him he needed to charge me!

He’s a great guy, and I highly recommend his work. Their attention to detail is great (I’m VERY obsessive about such things.) I can’t recommend this place enough

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