Insurance claims are welcome and we are happy to assist and answer any questions you may have about filing a claim. We work with many insurance companies on a daily basis and will get your claim processed quickly and efficiently.

Many people are stressed and confused following an accident. We will help to make this difficult time easier for you by working directly with your insurance company to return your car to you as soon as possible.

Before you file a claim, you can have us look over your car and guide you through the process from beginning to end. Or, if you’ve already filed a claim, you can give us your claim number and your adjuster’s contact information, and we will complete the process.

Most insurance policies provide only after-market or used parts for repairs. We work with insurance companies to obtain the parts straight from the dealer (known as Original Equipment Manufacturer parts or OEM parts). Using OEM parts benefit our customers by providing the best repairs possible; and if an insurance company refuses to pay for OEM parts, then in many instances, we will pay the difference in order for you to receive your repaired vehicle in the best possible condition.

Know your rights as a consumer:
You can select the shop of your choice to have your vehicle repaired. An insurance company often will recommend a shop for repairs to your vehicle. These shops usually offer a limited warranty for the repairs, which is required by the insurance companies.

Our Lifetime Warranty exceeds the insurance warranties, and we offer free touch-ups for minor scuffs and scratches that occur even years after the repairs are completed. Remember that under California law, you have the right to choose where you want your vehicle to be repaired. Call us today at (415) 371-8822 for your FREE estimate and no obligation of service!

For more information about your rights as a consumer, please visit: